Ethical kits were born from a need to consume with open eyes

our approach
We favour a responsible approach to stakeholder consumption.

Cosmetic and hygiene ingredients are healthy for the skin!
The wooden box, utensils, recipes and small glass jars should be kept. Only the ingredients need to be renewed.
The ingredients are natural and biodegradable quickly.
With inexpensive ingredients, I can clean the whole house and take care of myself and my loved ones.
The recipes are very simple.
Everything is at hand. In 5 or 6 steps, it's done!
The choice of our suppliers
We deliberately chose local workshops that respect a work ethic.

Handling is entrusted to vulnerable people in Belgium.
is produced on' FSC' paper, a guarantee of responsible forest management. The labels are waterproof and resistant.
The box
is made in Belgium, in a social reintegration workshop, with Belgian beech wood.
The boxes are designed to fit together.
The quality of our products
We have selected ingredients:

Organic ingredients are natural.
Mineral ingredients are biodegradable quickly.
As local as possible,
85 to 90% comes from Europe, mainly Belgium and France.
The least processed possible Ingredients are mostly raw materials.

For total transparency, the product sheets are available on the website.

ı ecological my scouring cream is biodegradable ı healthy my face cream is paraben-free ı economic my laundry gel costs up to 3x less expensive ı simple a little vegetable oil, a little beeswax, a little water, a few drops of essential oil and my moisturizing milk is ready ı fun to use I'm proud to do it myself! ı


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